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Choose BSG Aesthetics Solution for these 5 reasons:

1. Customers receive a complimentary consultation to demo & help them determine what their best Medical Spa and Day Spa needs.

2. During in-person training on our equipment, our staff will assist you in using our newest and the most popular medical-aesthetic devices and equipment.

3. Our innovative medical & aesthetic equipment is designed to meet the current demands of the Medical Spa and Day Spa industry today

4. Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction; every product has a standard one up to two years of warranty.

5. Adding the latest technology to our equipment and products is a priority at BSG Aesthetics Solutions.

Complimentary Equipment Training

In the picture shown, Ken is undergoing MD training with Dr Malabana in North Hill, California. Using our CO2 laser equipment Frax R. Frax R helps with skin renewal & resurfacing, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, acne & acne scars, and much more such as.

Smooths burnt, surgery & trauma scars.

Removes Chloasma & Pigmentation

Sun Damage

Birth Marks

Vaginal Tightening Moisture

Collagen Fiber Hyperplasia and Remodel

Improve Vaginal Mucosa Microcirculation

Increase Cell Secretion & Dynamic Response

Correct PH & Improve Internal Environment

Santa Clarita, California

In the picture shown, Ken is demonstrating our QS Neo with Dr Raskin, QS Neo is extremely effective in removing dark tattoos and is safe for all skin types. Five different spot sizes make it possible to use the ideal parameters for removing dark tattoos. The following functions are also available.


Removes tattoos and Improve skin tone

Reduce rosacea and thread facial vein

Reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines

Treat sun damage including age spots and brown pigmentation

Firming and tightening the skin

Stimulate new collagen and elastin tissue production


Leading aesthetic equipment company Eunsung Global, we are proud to work with a fantastic and leading company on a global scale.


“Eunsung established in 1995, has focused on innovative medical aesthetic equipment, strong communications, company responsibility, best quality and technology in order to ensure continuous development.

With the mission of a priority commitment to customer satisfaction, we are driven, every day, for developing our technology that we aim to be medical aesthetic solution through innovative equipment.”



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