BSG Aesthetics at AAD Conference 2024

: Elevating Dermatology with K-Beauty Innovations

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we delve into the exciting participation of BSG Aesthetics (KL Global) at the AAD Conference 2024. This event, a cornerstone for dermatological advancement, offers an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to explore, learn, and engage with the cutting edge of dermatology and aesthetic science. At BSG Aesthetics, we’re not just attending; we’re on a mission to revolutionize the way dermatological care integrates with the innovative spirit of K-Beauty.

Innovation at the Forefront

The AAD Conference is recognized globally for spotlighting the latest advancements in dermatology. BSG Aesthetics (KL Global) is proud to be part of this narrative, showcasing how our K-Beauty innovations can redefine dermatological practices. Our dedication to absorbing and applying the freshest insights and breakthroughs ensures that we stay ahead, bringing you products that not only meet the industry’s evolving needs but set new benchmarks for care and results.


Excellence in K-Beauty

Our commitment goes beyond mere participation. We’re here to highlight how our pioneering K-Beauty solutions—ranging from advanced cosmetic lasers to anti-aging equipment and cutting-edge medical aesthetic supplies, including exosomes and peptide serums—can enhance the dermatology practice. At booth #2117, we invite you to discover our suite of products that embody the highest standards of quality and innovation, designed to empower dermatologists to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.


Bridging Connections

The AAD Conference is a vibrant platform for networking, and we’re eager to forge meaningful connections with dermatology professionals. Through collaboration and sharing of knowledge, we believe we can collectively push the boundaries of aesthetic medicine. Our participation is an open invitation to explore potential partnerships and collaborative opportunities that can lead to transformative breakthroughs in patient care.


Leadership in Dermatology

By joining the AAD Conference, BSG Aesthetics (KL Global) reaffirms its dedication to leading the charge in integrating K-Beauty innovations into the global dermatology landscape. We are here not just to participate but to inspire and drive change, contributing to the enhancement of dermatological care worldwide.


Tailored Solutions for Dermatologists

Understanding the unique challenges and needs of dermatologists is at the heart of what we do. The AAD Conference allows us direct engagement with professionals, enabling us to tailor our offerings more closely to the real-world demands of dermatological practice. We’re committed to providing solutions that not only innovate but also resonate with the needs of your patients, ensuring satisfaction and exceptional care outcomes.

In conclusion, our journey to the AAD Conference 2024 is fueled by a passion for innovation, quality, and collaboration. We invite you to join us at booth #2117 to explore how our K-Beauty advancements can enrich your practice and elevate patient care to new heights. Together, let’s explore the future of dermatology, shaped by the pioneering spirit of K-Beauty.

Stay tuned for more updates from the conference and insights into how our innovations are setting new standards in the dermatology field.

We look forward to meeting you there and embarking on a journey of innovation and collaboration towards a future where dermatological care is enhanced by the precision and beauty of K-Beauty advancements. See you at AAD Conference 2024!


Your Partners in Dermatological Excellence,

The BSG Aesthetics (KL Global) Team


Ken Lee RN, BSN, Co-founder of BSG Aesthetics Solutions Co.

Ken has been a skincare and medical aesthetics expert in the United States since 2006, specializing in performing a wide range of non-invasive or minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures.

His extensive expertise includes the administration of dermal fillers, botulinum toxin injections, PRP treatments, skin boosters, as well as proficiency with advanced equipment and devices from major companies such as Ulthera, Thermage, Inmode, and more. Additionally, Ken is well-versed in HIFU, Mono RF, Microneedle RF, Fractional CO2, Diodes, Erbium YAG, Q-Switched Nd-YAG, Picosecond lasers, and various other cutting-edge technologies. He currently stands as a trailblazer in the realm of K-Beauty, shaping trends within the global medical aesthetics industry and actively participating in initiatives in the United States and around the world.