Equipment advantages

Shooting Device Delivery Technology

  1. Microneedling on various skin layers is possible
  2. 400 Dr + delivering active polymeric ingredients
  3. Creating a channel for absorption by making a hole physically
  4. Prevents backflow
  5. More powerful electric motor and improved life expectancy of device



Polymeric Delivery
Even if the molecular size is 400 Dr (the size that can be delivered by subcutaneous injection) or larger, mass transfer is possible without size limitation.

Continuous drug delivery
Continuous release of active ingredients into remaining holes on skin after micro needling

Speed Control
A large number of micro needles create many channels and speeds up solution absorption.

how it works

The penetration of the micro needles spreads fibroblasts and creates potassium and protein from the cell membrane.

Cells mistake the Microneedle for an invasion of foreign substances and take a defensive posture, which increases white blood cells, red blood cells, and hemoglobin.

Micro-channels are quickly restored, and fibroblasts converted to collagen and elastin

Product Name Automatic stamping of electric mezzo equipment
Performance A device used to stimulate the skin and promote absorption of cosmetics
Packaging Unit 1 set / box, sterilized dipsosable cartridges sold separately
How to Use Refer to the user manual
Precautions for Use Refer to the user manual
Storage Refer to the user manual
Size and Weight 235 X 85 X 70(mm), 350g
Maximum Speed 12,000 times/min
Electrical Specification AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 5V, 1000mA (Adapter)
Manufacturer KL Global Co.
Country of Origin South Korea

(818) 252-9557