Body Shaping

Laser body contouring is a procedure used to remove fat and perform skin fixation. It describes the methodology aimed at enhancing the external presentation of the body shape. With laser body contouring, you get to improve your body shape using the non-invasive laser.

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Hera Vacuum

High frequency stimulator for body shape and skin elasticity management.

Hera Point

HERA POINT is a HIFU (Ultrasound) device specially designed to irradiate ultrasound to a certain depth of skin.


Lipozero uses the combination of different technologies for improved fat reduction. 

Power Shape 2

Power Shape 2 offers multiple treatment applications equipped with industry’s most coveted aesthetic technologies & desired aesthetic treatments. 


7-in-1 smart skin care system of Smartline provides all the facial care including cleansing, penetration and skin rejuvenation to a single device.

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