– Save time in finding clogged or hard-to-see filler injection points.

– Reduced time finding entry points allows for shorter procedures and more patients treated.

– Shorter procedure time leads to less patient discomfort and increased satisfaction.

– The use of a guiding needle makes the filler procedure much easier.


1. Punch the filler injection point.

2. Insert the cannula into the needle.

3. Inject fillers.


Filler Cannula Punching Needle
Gauge Length Gauge Length
18G 50mm 70mm 16G 2 ~ 13mm
21G 40mm 50mm 70mm 19G, 20G
22G 40mm 50mm 70mm 19G, 20G
23G 40mm 50mm 70mm 20G, 21G
24G 40mm 50mm 70mm 21G, 22G
25G 40mm 50mm 70mm 21G, 22G
27G 40mm 50mm 27mm 30G
30G 25mm 30G