crystal injector

Equipment advantages

1) Low pain injection system

2) Short procedure time

3) Prevents loss of drug

4) Accurate needle depth

5) Simple and easy procedure


Skin Lifting


Skin Regeneration

brand new derma injector


  • Compact size


  • “Low Pain” during procedure


  • “Zero Loss” of high-viscosity or high elasticity drugs


  • Injects to the correct depth and controls the volume of injection


  • Pen shape injector: light weight and easy to inject


  • Applicable to various drugs: hydro injection, filler, toxin, multi-cocktail, body contouring injection

Derma Injector

Injection Mode

Hydro, Obesity, Scalp, Filler, Toxin, User

Flow Control

Control injection speed

Drop Control

Control volume of 1 time shoot


1cc insuline syringe, 1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc, and 10cc syringe can be used


Multi Needle: 5pin 31G, 32G

Single Needle: 1Pin 31G, 30G, 27G


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