Needle Holder



Designed to eliminate the effort of multiple injections. Used for injecting lipolysis (fat splitting), anesthetic for osmidrosis treatment or etc.


Combining of Multi-Tap, needles and syringe reduces the hassle of the repetitive procedure for the doctor.

Effect of Multi-Tap

1. Decreasing the number of injections can reduce the patient’s pain.

2. Precise and equivalent amount of dosage can be injected at once in the treatment area.

3. Doctors can save treatment time and maximize the efficiency of the treatment when repeatedly injecting medication.

how to use

Linear type with 3 attachable needle holes 43mm x 13mm

Linear type with 5 attachable needle holes 73mm x 13mm

Circular type with 5 attachable needle holes 43mm x 43mm

Rectangle type with 6 attachable needle holes 43mm x 28mm

Circular type with 7 attachable needle holes 43mm x 43mm

how to use

1. Check the aseptic packaging and product condition before use. Appearance should be checked for severe deformation, cracks and foreign substance.

2. Insert needles to the hubs of the bottom and put a syringe to the connector of the top.

3. Inject the solution with confirming that the syringe and the Multi-Tap are completely fastened.



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