The combination of Mts needle and ampoule is a new generation of skincare treatment

The best anti-aging treatment with minimal downtime

Even high price cosmetics just stay on the skin’s surface, failing to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. However, the DN64 can play the role of stimulating and making micro holes on skin to help regenerate skin cells. 

DN64 provides an excellent at-home treatment and provides the benefits of:

  • Simple and effective penetration
  • Reasonable cost
  • Effective skincell regeneration
  • Gentle rotation
  • Compatibility with various ampoules
  • Hygenic treatment

The benefits of dn64

the dn64 microneedle roller

The combination of MTS needle and ampoule is a new generation of home-use devices helping absorption of active ingredients.

How microneedling can help your skincare

Even high price cosmetics just stay on the skin’s surface, failing to penetrate into the deeper layers.

However, DN64 can play the role of stimulating and making micro holes on skin to help skin cells regeneration.

How to use

Clean your face > Open the BeautyToks ampoule (or other ampoules as you prefer) > Install the needle on the ampoule, which becomes a combination > Shake the combination from side to side 2 or 3 times > Open the cap and roll it on the desired area with gentle pressure > Air dry cosmetics left on skin > Apply repair cream (Centelbiome or True Repair Cream) > Place a Hydra Soothing Facial Mask if needed; peel off the Facial Mask after 15-20 minutes.

A new generation of home care devices

Try the DN64 microneedle roller at home for professional grade skincare conveniently at your finger tips. Use BeautyToks or the ampoule most suited for your skin for amazing results. Safe and easy to use while giving your cosmetic serums a deeper penetration for increased effectiveness.

DN64 Beauty Bundle Routine


The materials used in DN64 is polycarbonate which as excellent heat-resisting and self-fire extinguishability as well as transparency

Product Specifications

Needle Length 0.25mm
Needle Number 64 pcs
Needle Thickness 34G
Coupling Scheme Simple coupling with roller
Needle Composition Coupling type of needle and solution

DN64 is designed for compatibility with other vials which ranged in 5-50mL and have universal size.

Volume Total Length Spherical Internal Diameter Spherical External Diameter
3ml 38 14.9 9.0
5ml 40 19.5 12.5
8ml 48 19.5 12.5
10ml 48 19.5 12.5
15ml 57 19.5 12.5
20ml 60 19.5 12.5
30ml 63 19.5 12.5
40ml 80 19.5 12.5
50ml 78 19.5 12.5
70ml 90 30 23



  1. Do not put excessive force or drop DN64 that would cause damage to the needles.
  2. Do not bend needles or deliberately use excessive force.
  3. Never use on animals or children.
  4. Please check expiration date, damage and sealed package conditions before use.
  5. Never lose the cap when using with a separate product.
  6. Never use product with a damaged package, it is a sterile product.
  7. Never disassemble or assemble the product.


  1. Store at room temperature with good ventilation to avoid humidity.
  2. Keep this product out of the reach of children.


  1. Please confirm the expiration date, damage, contamination and package seal conditions before use.
  2. Wash your face with proper cleansing product.
  3. Clean the skin area which you desire to improve.
  4. Please take counsel with a physician if you have a skin problem like below: viral or bacterial diseases of skin, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopy, pimples, allergies to materials, athlete’s foot, eczema, bleeding disorders.
  5. Please take counsel with your physician about the ingredients or serum you desire to use.
  6. Never use cosmetics that include ingredients which induce pigmentation.
  7. Please put DN64 to use right after opening the package to ensure proper sterility


  1. Not recommend for use for patients with skin problems such as: viral or bacterial diseases of the skin, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopy, pimples, allergies, athlete’s foot, eczema, bleeding disorders.
  2. Do not use it on the move.
  3. Do not use excessive force or drop it. Press needle gently to make the fluid flow smoothly. Only use on skin.
  4. Using product may cause some redness on the skin lasting several hours. Conducting the treatment at night and applying moisturizing or calming cosmetics are recommended.
  5. Excessive use can cause redness. If this lasts a long time, please consult with a physician.
  6. This is a disposable product and for individual use only (Do not share with family or others).
  7. Reuse can cause infection, only use DN64 once.


  1. Do not keep used devices.
  2. Please throw away used devices with cap holding.

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