Drug Delivery

Get the most out of your skincare solutions with our exceptional drug delivery systems! We have something for every skill and depth level, from microneedling to injector devices. Our microneedling devices are so easy to use even your clients could take them home to do their own follow-up treatments. Our advanced injectors can apply your serums deeper into the skin for higher penetration and better results!

Related Products

DN64 Microneedle Roller

The combination of MTS needle and ampoule is a new generation of microneedling helping active ingredients’ absorption.

Auto DN

Through the passage made of micro needles, the Auto DN delivers effective ingredients to the epidermal layer of the skin to maximize absorption and help skin regeneration.

Vital Injector 3

The vacuum application ensures safe and consistent operation. No added pressure needed, just simply touch the device to the skin and the vacuum will inject to the exact depth.

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