– Growth factors increases from 1 year after we born, reaches the highest level in 10 generations (10-19 years old), and decreases rapidly after 29 years old, then leading to the skin aging.
– Hyaluronic acid maintains its highest level in the early 20s, but it decreases during late 20s, and the ability of skin moisturizing decreases, the skin barrier weakens, then leading to the skin aging.


EGF – Promote skin formation FGF – Promote collagen production
Improve the metabolism of epidermis which is affected by skin aging Improve the production of collagen which is affected by skin aging
Improve the growth of epidermal cells Improve the growth fibroblasts
(fibroblasts produce collagen)
Improve skin pigmentation and fine lines Help to strengthen the skin tissue
Improves skin elasticity and wrinkles

The Key Ingredients

Bio-active Growth Factors

The skin of the body decreases the ability to produce various growth factors (proteins) when the progress of aging and pathological damage occurs. It is the core principle of cosmeceuticals and bio-cosmetics that is necessary to maintain the healthy and vital skin condition by delaying the aging by constantly supplying essential growth factors produced outside the body through the cosmetics to the skin.


Biomimetic peptides are low-molecular biomaterials composed of amino acids and are the next generation bio-active materials with high activity and safety. Various peptides developed through the confusion technology with peptides and phytochemicals from BIO-FD&C Co. Ltd. are used as core materials for cosmeceuticals and bio-cosmetics based on their high safety and efficacy.


Plant stem cells are cells that can develop into any tissue without limited lifetime, such as animal stem cells. Plant callus cells, which have the same physiological characteristics as plant stem cells, contain various phytochemicals that are effective on human skin, and are used as core materials for bio-active cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

Glutathione Vitamin, Amino Acid and Minerals

Vitamins, Amino acids and minerals serve to provide rich nutrients and optimal environment for skin cells to grow. Glutathione, known as an whitening injectable ingredient, reduces melanin pigmentation in the skin and replaces the melanin pigment that has been deposited with bright melanin to brighten the skin tone.


A New Concept of Regenerative Substances

PDRN, extracted from salmon DNA fragments that found to improve skin regeneration, reduce inflammation and improve skin texture, hydration and wrinkles, bringing youthful and energetic skin.


how it works

Hyaluronic acid penetrates into the skin layers and integrates withthe water content, to maintain the moisture of the skin and form a thin layer on the skin surface to strengthen the skin barrier.

The Nobel Prize-winning Epidermis Growth Factor (EGF) is a growth factor for epidermal cells that are reduced during skin aging and helps restore skin vitality. EGF can improve the metabolism of the keratinocytes to helps the keratin of epidermal layer to be fall off smoothly.

The epidermal layer is composed of glial cells, which promotes the production, differentiation and movement of keratinocytes, also promotes the regeneration of epidermal cells, and improves pigmentation and fine lines.

By promoting the growth of cellulose cells, collagen and elastin, dermal tissue is strengthened, skin regeneration is promoted, and skin elasticity is increased, thereby improving wrinkles. The basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF) is a factor that promotes the growth of cellulose cells that make up the dermal.

Through the formation of new blood vessels, the nutrient supply for the cell is successful, promote cell reproduction, improve skin regeneration and increase skin elasticity. bFGF increases VEGF (inducing reproduction of neovascularization) VEGF and HGF (regulating multiple cell growth).

Peptide regulates the formation of melanosome which caused by long time exposure to UV light, inhibits the movement of melanosomes to epidermal cells, and prevent the formation of brown spots, freckles and blemishes. Growth factors help restore the skin metabolism (keratin shedding cycle) that slows down due to skin aging, improve pigmentation, organize the keratin layer, and strengthen the skin barrier.


Product Name

Scalp Type All Skin Types
Capacity 1.5ml x 7 vials, Conical cap * 1ea

1. Lift the vial cap from the OPEN marking position and fully tilt it backwards.

2. Remove the lifted cap in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Remove the rubber cap and cover it with a conical cap. Spread the appropriate amount evenly over the desired area and gently absorb it as if it were a massage.


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