Equipment advantages

The management of the vagina and uterus, which is essential for most women but had to be hidden because it could not be said. 

Gosun is between self-healing and hospital treatment.

It is comfortable and convenient with the existing care service

You can get sure management.

It is a care service that cures before reaching hospital treatment to prevent vaginal and uterine diseases and improve the overall quality of life of women.

RF massage

It is a device that promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins, by generating deep heat in the inner vulva, vulva, and vaginal mucosa with RF radio frequency.

Deep heat has the effect of strengthening the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa or external/inner vulva by expanding microvessels and activating cell tissues.

In addition, there is no part that causes pain such as anesthesia or incision during the procedure, and it is possible to perform the procedure with only a warm feeling, and satisfaction lasts for a long time.

Low Frequency Massage (EMS)

It works continuously on the skin to make the skin elastic, and helps to make the skin smooth by helping with fine wrinkles and skin lifting.

Vaginal pressure meter (urinary incontinence treatment device)

Prior to the device management program, the vaginal pressure is accurately measured mechanically, the intensity is adjusted based on the data, and soft massage is performed targeting the vaginal muscles.

how it works

High frequency (principle and efficacy / expected effect)

High frequency is an electromagnetic wave having a frequency of 3 kHz to 300 MHz, and has been mainly used in the existing medical field to remove tumors such as the liver, prostate, or thyroid gland.

When the local tissue temperature rises above 40 °C arterial and capillary dilation occurs by direct effect. Increased blood flow increases the body’s defense mechanisms. It improves blood circulation and promotes metabolism.

As the hydrostatic pressure of the capillaries increases due to vasodilation, lymphatic circulation is promoted.

RF massage (intensive), RF massage (vulva), body massage

collagen production – In the process of rubbing in the direction of the muscle at a safe frequency, the collagen layer of the dermal layer is stimulated.

wrinkles and regeneration – It loosens tight muscles, helps circulation, and lifts saggy skin.

melasma, whitening – It activates cells by discharging toxins and waste products and inhibits and decomposes melanin secretion.

promote blood circulation – It circulates blood and lymph to eliminate bottlenecks, regenerates cells and boosts immunity to make your skin healthy.

cell activation – It loosens tight muscles due to deep heat, decomposes and discharges fat, and revitalizes cells by activating cells.

EMS low frequency (principle and efficacy / expected effect)

Electric muscle stimulation stimulates and strengthens unused or unusable muscles, induces muscle contraction and relaxation, promotes blood and lymph circulation, and suppresses pain.

It stimulates the secretion of substances and relaxes the muscles.

Vaginal pressure meter (principle and efficacy / expected effect)

Provide scientific measurement data through LCD screen

Implement biofeedback through probe and LCD

Medical device optimized for effective pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercise

Rapid treatment of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction (vaginal atony) with personalized solutions

Select 3 levels of vibration to suit your taste, providing excellent effects

4 Hand Pieces

RF Massage (Intensive)

It promotes blood circulation by dilating microvessels with deep heat, gives a strong tightening effect, and discharges accumulated wastes.

Body Massage

It promotes blood circulation and destroys cellulite in the abdomen and pelvis (pubes, buttocks).

RF Massage (Vulva)

It creates collagen and elastin to strengthen elasticity, relieve pigmentation, and correct labrum imbalance.

Low Frequency Massage (EMS)

It manages inguinal lymph glands and blood vessels.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey (300 experience customers)

Over 90% of customers expressed satisfaction after the first experience.

As a result of surveying the satisfaction level of 300 customers who have completed one experience of PREMIUM Y ZONE CARE for 7 items from immediately after experiencing the program to after 1 week, more than 90% of customers experienced overall satisfaction and practical effects for 7 items expressed



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