key features

1. Powerful Vacuum

Hera Vacuum is a high-frequency stimulator that promotes blood circulation and metabolism through high-frequency energy as an RF vacuum for skin lifting and body shape management. It shows skin elasticity and body care effects.

2. Strong Multipolar RF

It softens cellulite and separates fat cells by stimulating the fat layer through the massage effect. Promotes lymphatic circulation and metabolism and discharges waste products.


3. Red LED

Multipolar RF energy penetrates to the subcutaneous fat layer to reduce cellulite. By generating deep heat, it promotes fat decomposition and discharge and improves skin elasticity.

what is high frequency?

When electricity passes through human tissues with an alternating current of 100,000Hz or more, it does not stimulate sensory or motor nerves, so heat is generated rapidly in the body without discomfort or muscle contraction.


  • Thick fat layer and cellulite condition
  • Unsmooth and bumpy skin surface
  • Decreased blood and lymph circulation due to pressure on blood vessels and lymph
  • Dull skin tone
  • Skin aging progresses rapidly


  • Fat cell breakdown
  • Increase blood circulation with high frequency thermal energy and massage
  • Increased lymphatic circulation
  • Increased oxygen supply
  • Relaxation of stiff muscles


  • Smooth skin surface
  • Skin tone improvement
  • Elastic skin
  • Recovery after childbirth

Hera Vacuum draws the skin without damaging the cells in a vacuum suction state, condensing the high-frequency output and delivering high-frequency energy more deeply.

  • Effective in breaking down cellulite (fibrous membrane is formed) attached to blood vessels and lymphatic vessels through decompression effect
  • Relocates fat cells and discharges various waste products along with blood circulation
  • Effects on edema caused by surgery, lymphatic disorders, and obesity

Ergonomic Handpiece

Small Hand Piece:

Treatment Site: face, arm

RF Level: 2~5

Suction Level: 1~3

Time: 5~10 minutes

Medium Hand Piece:

Treatment Site: legs, arms, abdomen

RF Level: 3~7

Suction Level: 2~5

Time: 10~15 minutes

Large Hand Piece:

Treatment site: thigh, whole body, back

RF Level: 5~8

Suction Level: 3~5

Time: 15~20 minutes


Dimensions 380(W) x 334 (D) x 173(H) mm
Weight 5kg
Power AC100-240V 50/60hz
Vacuum Level 1 ~ 5 level
RF Level 1 ~ 10 level
Mode Continuous, Fast pulse, Normal pulse, Slow pulse


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