multipolar + fractional rf

  • New concept system in the dual mode method.
  • Stimulate the inside and the outside double time.
  • Energy is evenly distributed at 64 pins.
  • Fractional method
  • Thermal method
  • Take care of the epidermis and dermis at the same time.
  • Minimize downtime.
  • Less pain and no side effects.
  • A detailed control system according to the purpose of the procedure.
  • A uniform and stable high frequency energy survey
  • Fine-divided Level Control
  • A compact design that allows to move freely.
  • MultiPolar- RF Body
  • MultiPolar- RF Face
  • Optimized for Face & Body management.
  • Maximize the massage effect.
  • Relieving pain relief.

Multi-Functional Hand Piece

Hand Piece

Non-invasive fractional high frequency and strong regeneration of heat frequency at the same time.

Fractional Tip

Dual mode Fractional RF system maximizes the effectiveness by closely stimulating the outside and inside in double layers.

Thermal Tip

Safe treatment with minimal erythema or side effects is possible after the procedure.

MultiPolar-RF BODY

Multipolar high frequency, which relieves stress and relieves pain.

Strong Heating

The bump-shaped high-frequency output unit helps destroy fat cells along with deep heat.

how it works

Fractional RF

The thermal tip is effective for elasticity, lifting, and skin tone by evenly transferring heat energy to the dermal layer without damaging the epidermis.

The fractional tip minimizes damage to the epidermis and penetrates heat into the dermal layer to improve wrinkles, pigments, pores, scars, and skin tone.

HiFect is a professional beauty device developed with technology that delivers high-power and high-frequency energy uniformly and stably to minimize irritation to the epidermis and spreads thermal energy widely as it reaches the dermis layer. It delivers energy to the deep skin layer more efficiently than conventional laser procedures.

Multipolar RF

Radio Frequency (RF) treatments heat the dermal matrix, thus stimulating metabolic processes in the skin and slowing down skin aging:

Skin layers contain fibroblast cells, which maintain skin structure by constantly generating collagen and other structural protein.

By using electromagnetic energy the RF technology heats the water in the dermal matrix, which in turn:

  • Causes contraction of existing collagen fibers
  • induces fibroblast to regenerate collagen and hyaluronic acid

These two processes result in firmer and tighter skin with better hydration


Product Name Hiffect/ [HIGH + EFFECT]
Types of Functions – Thermal RF, Fractional RF,
– MultiPolar- RF/ Body, Face (All use)
Treatment Concept

– High frequency from 64 fine pins of 0.5 mm delivers high frequency energy deeply to the top of the dermal layer and the bottom of the dermal layer in a non-invasive fractional manner.

– Minimize damage by evenly dividing it into fine electrode pins and thoroughly designed electrode arrangements.

– Multi-polar high frequency in the form of protruding ceramics, optimized for the formation of S-lines on the body and face.

– The strong muscle massage effect of the protruding ceramic relieves pain and energizes the tired muscles

Treatment Effect

Face: pore reduction, increased skin elasticity, wrinkles around the eyes and lips, acne, scars, skin texture, and skin tone improvement

Body: Helps with obesity, increases elasticity, relieves pain, and improves tired muscles.



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