BB Laser


Key Advantages

▶ Delivers the heat to epidermis and upper part of dermis with preservation of stratum corneum due to the feature of 1927nm thulium laser reacting well to moisture

Non-ablation procedure and Ablation procedure according to parameter setting

▶ Fast return to the routine after short downtime

Various indications not only brightening but also pore, elasticity and fine lines.

Lavieen of wavelength that reacts well to moisture


▶ Water absorption about 10 times higher than Er:Glass.

▶ It is used for destruction or vaporization of tissue due to high affinity to moisture.

▶ Remove melanin pigmentation from the basal layer by vaporizing the skin’s moisture, which temperature rises sharply to absorb the laser energy.

▶ After causing heat damage, melanin in epidermis is removed and bring brightening effect at the same time while micro crust is fell off.

Lavieen has both feature of Er:Glass and Co2 laser


Due to the low water absorption, depth is deep, but there is only denaturation which does not give a definite effect on pigment treatment.

Ablative / Non-ablative

Water absorption is between Er:glass and Co2, remaining stratum corneum intact. Penetration depth is 0.15~0.3mm, Ablation/Non-ablation is possible depending on the amount of energy.


Damage to the skin barrier due to
the ablation from stratum corneum.
Longer downtime and high risk of
PIH, erythema.

The results

Pigmentation & Wrinkles

pigmentation & resurfacing


acne scars


large pores & pigmentation

how it works

Fractional laser irradiation

Transfer thermal energy to the epidermis and upper dermis with preserving stratum corneum.



Melanocyte destruction of basal layer due to the vaporization of skin moisture by transferred heat energy and wound healing mechanism in epidermal-generated MTZ.



1) Micro crust formation within 2-3 days.
2) Melanocyte-removed basal layer is elevated to the stratum corneum by faster cell regeneration cycle due to the effect of MTZ.
3) 3 ~ 7 days of micro crust and keratin being fell off → pigmentation lesion treatment with brightening effect.



The thermal energy delivered to the upper part of the dermis is used to regenerate the skin by collagen contraction and collagen regeneration, thus reducing pores, removing fine lines, and improving skin elasticity and skin texture.




Product Lavieen
Irradiation Type Thulium
Wavelength 1927nm
Output 1 ~ 120mJ (Energy per Pulse)
Max Energy 10W
Pulse Width 0.1 ~ 10ms
Scan Size 1X1 ~ 30X30 mm (1X1mm step)
Scan Area 0.1 ~ 2.0mm (0.1mm step)
Dimension 279(W) * 687(D) * 766(H)mm
Weight 30kg
Tip 10, 20, 30mm