Modeling Masks

Modeling Packs by Dermabell

Royal Rose Modeling Pack

Main Ingredients: Rose extract, niacinamide, mulberry bark extract, goji berry extract

It contains extracts such as rose, mulberry bark, goji berry, and niacinamide, a whitening ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, to relieve pigmentation, supply nutrients to improve skin texture, and brighten the skin from the inside out.

Provence Rose not only purifies and brightens skin, but also helps to supply moisture, soothe, and improve rough skin texture.

Cherry Blossom Modeling Pack

Main Ingredients: Cerulata cherry blossom extract, acerola extract, pearl extract, squalane, ceramide

Contains extracts such as cherry blossoms, acerola, and pearls to improve dull skin tone, energize, and strengthen elasticity to make the skin clear and bright. Cherry blossoms contain abundant vitamins, which help to supply nutrients, relieve fatigue, and give vitality.

Royal Seaweed Modeling Pack

Main Ingredients: Chlorella vulgaris powder, seaweed extract, centella asiatica extract

Containing extracts such as chlorella, seaweed, and centella asiatica, it soothes and protects sensitive skin, improves basic health, and prevents aging to make healthy and smooth skin.

Chlorella contains nutrients such as proteins, lipids, and vitamins, so it supplies moisture and nutrients to dry and sensitive skin and helps to moisturize.

Gold Modeling Pack

Main Ingredients: Barberry Root Extract, Virginia Plum Blossom Extract, Mulberry Bark Extract, Adenosine, Gold

It contains extracts such as gold, Virginia hazelnut, and mulberry bark, and adenosine, a functional ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, to discharge skin wastes, strengthen elasticity, and prevent wrinkles to keep the skin young and firm.

Just as Cleopatra used pure gold to pack, gold has had excellent cosmetic effects since ancient times. Gold promotes skin circulation to help collagen production and waste discharge.

Perilla Modeling Pack

Main Ingredients: Leaf extract, basil leaf extract, tea tree leaf extract, centella asiatica extract

Containing plant extracts such as perilla leaf, basil leaf, tea tree leaf, and centella asiatica, it helps to soothe, recover, and strengthen the defense of problematic skin, making it healthy. Perilla leaf has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it has been used as a traditional therapeutic medicine since ancient times, and contains EPA to nourish the skin and help soothe and improve problem skin.

Propolis Modeling Pack

Main Ingredients: Jeju buckwheat honey extract, royal jelly extract, propolis extract

Contains extracts such as Jeju buckwheat honey, royal jelly, and green propolis to supply necessary moisture and nutrients to the skin, strengthen the barrier, and help prevent aging, making the skin more moist and smooth.

Jeju buckwheat honey is a precious honey that is harvested for 15 days out of the year and contains nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids, helping to moisturize and supply nutrients to the skin.

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