O2toderm CoolHada

Triple Function Multi-Purpose Device

Cryo Therapy

1. Skin calming helps to quickly soothe and recover irritated skin after laser, Fractional, MTS, and Peeling procedures.
– Soothes inflammatory acne and regulation sebum secretion
– Сare for skin with dilated capillaries, prone to redness
– Skin-soothing after irritating procedures
– Edema treatment
2. Pore contraction & Elasticity improvement
The Cooling System using to increase blood flow and oxygen to promote collagen production, shrinking wrinkles, and pores, helping to improve skin elasticity.
By using the micro-current function at the same time helps to moisturize the skin and effectively deliver active ingredients into the skin.

Heat Therapy

Skin massage using the thermal function promotes blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, and opens pores, that beneficial ingredients of ampoules and cosmetics products can be absorbed into the skin effectively.


Using micro-current, it helps to deliver moisture and ionized active ingredients deep into the skin without damaging the skin.


how it works

Cryo and Heat Functions

Cryo & hot system with regulation from -15° to 50°
-15°C Cooling system for skin calming
50°C Heat system helps for skin vitality and skin lifting




Micro Current (Ionto)

[+ polarity]
(+)ionize ampoules and helps absorb them to skin Using for:
1) The absorption of general water-soluble ampoules
2) The stem cell ampoule absorption
3) Skin regeneration & skin calming (Suitable for acne and troubled skin)

[- polarity]
(-)ionize ampoules and helps absorb them to skin Using for:
1) The absorption of vitamin C type ampoule or peeling products
2) Skin whitening and release toxins.


Product Name O2toDerm COOLHADA Professional
Model Name OTO-COOL-01
Voltage AC110~220V,50/60Hz
Rated Input 24V/4A(96w)
Product Size 290mx260mmx200mm
Product Weight 3.5Kg


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