Equipment’s advantages

A . Various Treatment Modes for User Convenience
– Single: Delivers RF once on the same area
– Double: Delivers RF twice to the same area
– Auto: Delivers RF automatically with preset interval time

B . Skin Pressure and Skin Temperature Monitoring
– Keeps checking connection between tip and skin with pressure sensing system | Reduces the risk of superficial burns from non-connected tip
– Monitors skin temperature per shots in real time | Reduces risk of burn and monitor patient feedback

C. Impedance Checking


how it works

Monopolar RF Mechanism – Oscillating electrical current forcing collisions between charged molecules and ions, which are then transformed into heat. Generates deep-tissue heating (40-60°C) on tissue by delivering high frequency current (6.78MHz) to face for tightening and lifting > Stimulates dermal remodeling | Wrinkle Improvement | Facial Tightening

Applies high frequency alternating current between electrode and grounding pad > Change a mole polarity(+,-) which composes tissue for hundreds of thousands and millions of times per a second > Generates deep tissue heating from molecular vibration and friction (switch current to thermal energy).

Skin lifting and tightening
– Skin laxity & sagging jowl
– Skin tightening
– Face & body contouring

Double Mode
– Neocollagenesis & collagen remodeling
– Uneven skin tone & texture
– Enlarged pores

Single Mode
– Nasolabial fold
– Periorbital wrinkle
– Neck wrinkle

Ergonomic Hand piece and Tips

Oligio’s larger tip reduces shot count by 33%!

Creates a more effective and faster treatment!

Greater patient satisfaction!


System Type Monopolar RF
Frequency 6.78MHz
Max Power 400W
Impedance Range 75~400Ω
Impedance checking O
Pulse Pulsed Radio Frequency
Cooling System Gas Cooling
Safety Function

Skin Temperature Monitoring Sensor

Contact Pressure Sensor

User Interface LCD Touch Screen
Dimensions 479(W) x 490(D) x 1,205(H) mm
Weight 35kg


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