equipment advantages

Omega PDT Light is a complex light source device that solves various skin problems with LED and IR wavelengths ranging from 830nm are irradiated to the skin to solve complex skin problems.

It is a complex light source irradiation device that uses high-brightness special near-infrared SMD LED elements that are more powerful than existing omega lights and shows excellent effects and safely cares without the risks of heat damage, photoaging, and wounds, which are the disadvantages of general laser treatment.

  • In-depth care from the outer skin to the inner skin with near infrared wavelengths! Stimulates blood vessels in the subcutaneous tissue to activate cell regeneration and metabolism!
  • Increasing blood supply, muscle relaxation, pain relief, fatigue recovery, stress relief, etc.
  • Product structure that is easy to carry and move with improved convenience & voice guidance in 3 languages.
  • A total care device that can be used for each part that solves complex skin problems from the face to the scalp.
  • Safe skin care without pain and side effects, which are disadvantages of general treatment.
  • Effects that depend on the quality of the LED! Powerful and stable LED and IR wavelength using 1,145 special infrared SMD LED elements.

how it works

As the infrared light close to solar radiation, IR has the wavelength of 0.8~2.5μm (730~2500nm). This short-wavelength IR is delivered to an object through thermal waves (radiation) with no air heating.

Red LED 640nm: Omega light Red wavelength helps regenerate skin cells, soothe skin and relieve pain.

Blue LED 423nm: Omega light Blue wavelength helps to sterilize acne bacteria, suppress sebaceous glands and prevent wound infection.

Green LED 532nm: Omega light Green wavelength helps soothe, improve sensitive skin and improve acne scars.

Yellow LED 583nm: Omega light Yellow wavelength helps with redness, erythema, redness relief, and pigmented lesions.

IR 830nm: Omega light IR wavelength helps wound recovery, metabolism activation, waste product discharge and collagen & elastin production through strong skin cell regeneration.



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