pal-MAX Nutritive AMPOULE

Key Advantages

1. Patented ingredient Puremedi maintains elastic and healthy skin. Prevents collagen damage and helps synthesis to make skin elastic and healthy.

2. Improves wrinkles and elasticity with ingredients that maintain smooth skin.

3. Double care at once to improve skin tone and fine wrinkles. Various ingredients that care for bright and elastic skin.

The Key Ingredients

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen (Marine collagen)

    • Quickly absorbed into the skin and supplies nutrients

    • Applied without stickiness and makes the skin texture as soft as silk

  • Pure Medi

    • A patented ingredient that combines the extracts of Hatch and Noggin

    • Provides enough moisture to dry skin to balance oil and moisture in the skin

  • Adenosine

    • Elastic and healthy skin that is worried about loss of elasticity and wrinkles

    • Promote collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkles to help improve elasticity.

Pal-Max Nutritive Ampoule contains elastin, a patented revitalizing ingredient that makes a noticeable difference and various extracts to help improve skin wrinkles to make it moist and shiny.

Use together with the DN64 Microneedle Roller to increase skin absorption and feel a greater effect.


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