Equipment advantages

– Maximize the photomechanical effect with high energy(max 1.3J)
– Possible to utilize the 1064nm PTP mode
– Remove the dermal pigmentation, epidermal pigmentation and
tattoos removal with dual wavelength
– Maximize the efficacy with Fractional handpiece with according to
therapeutic handpiece
– Possible to treat various pigment with Mutiple DyeHandpiece
– Add efficacy of skin rejuvenation such as skin regeneration with
Genesis mode
– Irradiate the laser energy evenly with Top hat beam profile.
– Remain the stable output with Autocalibration.

how it works

Multiple Handpieces


Pigmentation Removal by Photochemical Effect Photomechanical effect that breaks melanosome and melanin with short pulse duration which is a nanosecond (a billionth of a second)

Photoacoustic Effect – Photoacoustic Effect that breaks up target pigment more finely with pulse duration which is shortened more than 1⁄2 compared to Conventional Q-switched laser.

Better Treatment by PTP Mode –
– Pastelle is equipped with 1064nm PTP mode, which has obtained NET certification, possible for more safe and efficient treatment.
– PTP is abbreviation of Photoacoustic Twin Pulse, how to divide laser beam into twice.
– Irradiate two pulses of low energy in short time, make patient feel mild sensation and deliver more energy to the lesions efficiently.
– Ideal for melasma, where soft treatment should be performed that doesn’t stimulate the lesions.





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