Cosgram Gommagic Fiber Pointer

Fiber pointing and dropping is a form of follow-up care that implants the dermal layers with collagen, which is composed 990,000PPM freeze-dried skin fiber tissue pure solids, and hyaluronic acid, which is a natural moisturizer that can be applied to various lesions after laser and chemical peeling.

Free of preservatives, colors, and fragrances to minimize skin irritation. Its hand stick shape, gamma, and sterilization treatments prevent secondary bacterial contamination, allowing it to be used hygienically.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it suitable for all skin types? With its safe formulation, which incorporates only green grade ingredients, but excludes preservatives, thickeners, additives, and surfactants so that it may be used on all skin types without irritation.

2. Is it suitable for treating troubled skin? This product is free of pigments, fragrances, thickeners, excipients, surfactants, preservatives, allergens, as well as 20 harmful ingredients which may result in allergies. In addition, the pink flower extract soothes skin prone to acne, inhibits the growth of bacteria, prevents troubles and strengthens the skin’s immunity.

3. What should I do after using FIBER POINTER? FIBER POINTER is a product that aids in calming and regenerating, and can be combined with various medical/beauty devices that aid in the regenerating process. When the FIBER POINTER dissolves on the skin surface, medical/beauty devices such as Cryo, LDM, and LED are used to absorb the active ingredients before adding another mask. Following the application of the second mask, remove it and apply lotion and then sunscreen to complete the procedure.
*Depending on the amount and duration of laser and peeling treatment selected at the dermatological hospital, you may apply a cream or sunscreen after the treatment.

4. In what order are the effects most likely to be maximized in hospitals or esthetics? FIBER POINTER is particularly useful during the soothing and regenerating phases, which help soothe and regenerate the skin after major procedures, such as laser therapy or peeling.

5. How should FIBER POINTER be absorbed if it separates from the stick during application to the face? After applying the ampoule to the FIBER POINTER that is separated from the stick, use the stick to dissolve the separated FIBER POINTER by breaking it into small pieces. Afterwards, spread it out with your hands.

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