DN64 Glaciate Bio-Gel Mask (5ct/Box)


DN64 GLACIATE Bio-gel Mask eliminates provocative factors, and focuses on skin calming ingredients to nurture the skin to its original pure state.

No-mesh type, hypoallergenic raw material, convenient usability.

Skin calming care, active ingredient delivery technology. Cooling care with a transparent hydrogel Calming cure ingredients help calm down the skin which has lost its original power due to the outer environment.

It helps treat problematic skin such as trouble skin, reddened skin, dry skin that does not shine, etc. Calming cure ingredients are delivered effectively inside the skin to complete a balanced skin system.

Key Ingredients:

– Centella Asiatica Extract to calm down the skin that became sensitive and delicate due to outer environment.

– Houttuynia Cordata Extract soothes skin stimulation to nurture the skin to a clean one. Helpful for trouble caring and eases the oily level of the skin.

– Elm Bark Extract calms down the skin that became sensitive. Helps boost the skin vitality and nurtures the skin to a shiny skin.

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5 Masks/Box