DN64 Microneedle Roller (5 Pack)

Use the DN64 Microneedle Roller (0.25 mm) for deeper penetration of serums like BeautyToks or HDR Solution for increased effectiveness. The DN64 can play an important role of stimulating and making micro holes in the skin to help skin cells regenerate.

DN64 Microneedle Roller is better than other microneedle devices or adding because of its:

  • Simple and effective penetration

  • Effective skincell regeneration

  • Reasonable cost

  • Gentle rotation

  • Hygienic Treatment

  • Compatibility with 5-50mL vial ampoules

Additional information

Needle Specs

Length: 0.25mm
Number: 64 pcs
Thickness: 34G


5 Rollers/Pack


Attaches easily to vials 5mL to 50mL