DTX Switched Gel

With the function of natural heat of 1 degree, it instantly expands pores during manual technique. It discharges waste and gently softens dead skin cells, and at the same time, the soft texture of natural aroma oil ingredients.

Acts as a lubricant on the skin surface to minimize skin irritation and while managing. Natural ingredients provide soothing and moisturizing effects to the skin.

• Natural fever using physical frictional heat of glycerin base instead of purified water (Chemical fever of capsaicin and vanillyl butyl ether X)

• Softener exclusively for Gommagic blades optimized for skin irritation that can be used on sensitive and problematic skin with an oil gel-type texture

• Antioxidant action and active oxygen scavenging action of active ingredients along with removal of wastes in pores through +1℃ heating effect

Additional information


250 g / 8.81 oz


Light pink moist gel type