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RF massage

It is a device that promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins, by generating deep heat in the inner vulva, vulva, and vaginal mucosa with RF radio frequency. Deep heat has the effect of strengthening the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa or external/inner vulva by expanding microvessels and activating cell tissues. In addition, there is no part that causes pain such as anesthesia or incision during the procedure, and it is possible to perform the procedure with only a warm feeling, and satisfaction lasts for a long time.

Low Frequency Massage (EMS)

It works continuously on the skin to make the skin elastic, and helps to make the skin smooth by helping with fine wrinkles and skin lifting.

Vaginal pressure meter (urinary incontinence treatment device)

Prior to the device management program, the vaginal pressure is accurately measured mechanically, the intensity is adjusted based on the data, and soft massage is performed targeting the vaginal muscles.

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