Hyalmax Cover (1 Box)

Hydrogel, a three-dimensional hydrophilic polymer network structure, contains more than 70% moisture, so it helps to soften dead skin cells and moisturize the skin when applied to rough areas such as heels and elbows. In addition, because it can be attached for a long time with a thin material band that has excellent adhesion and is waterproof, even better effects can be expected. HYALMAX COVER contains polymer hydrogel through a special cross support, which helps to keep moisture in the skin for a long time. The use of ergonomic adhesive film materials produced in self-developed molds not only provides excellent adhesion but also waterproof, and minimizes skin irritation with hypoallergenic adhesives so that it can be attached to daily life for a long time.

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1 Box = 20 Packs, 1 Pack = 2ea (40 total)