Pal-Max Brightening Ampoule 5ct

1. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) a whitening functional ingredient that brightens dull skin
2. Complete moist skin by supplying sufficient moisture. The trehalose ingredient prevents moisture loss of the skin and enhances the moisturizing power to keep the skin clear and moist.
3. Skin elasticity care: contains peptide ingredient to help care for skin elasticity.

Key Ingredients:
– Niacinamide: Whitening that improves dull skin tone and makes skin clear and blemish-free
– A component known as water-soluble vitamin B3 helps skin tone improvement, whitening and anti-inflammatory effects
– Brightening functional ingredients prevents blemishes and prevents moisture loss by strengthening the skin barrier
– Natural Fruit Complex
– Patented natural fruit complex to help prevent skin aging and pigmentation
– Palmityoyl Peptide-4: Effective at improving skin elasticity and wrinkles
– Prevents loss of skin elasticity and intensity
– Cares for signs of skin aging such as wrinkles

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5 Ampoules/Box