complete skin diagnostics

For your aesthetics shop, research laboratory, or cosmetics shop

program main functions

Diagnostic camera handset

Multi-LED chips make multi camera modes such as VS, XPL and UVL are available. Auto focusing function makes clear images and accurate analysis. It is easy to use for beginners.

Skin total diagnosis

Total diagnosis of WillCam+ films and analyzes skin moisture/oil, pores, pigmentation/blemish, sebum and keratin. Using the 22 Multi-LED chips in the diagnostic system, accurate skin diagnosis is performed through shooting in various modes.

Select type of skin diagnosis

There are 3 types of skin diagnosis which are total diagnosis, selective diagnosis and moisture diagnosis. Total diagnosis includes moisture/oil and pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, keratin and sebum. It can examine skin from various angles. Selective diagnosis allows you to diagnose and analyze several categories only that customer needs. Moisture diagnosis can measure the moisture around eyes, cheek and perioral area.

Present skin diagnosis result and recommended products

It provides with skin diagnosis, total result and recommended products based on measurement items. Diagnosis of each moisture/oil, pores, pigmentation/blemish, wrinkles, sebum, keratin measurement -> Present the result of skin type ->
Present the skin condition of average and results -> Present intensive care category -> Present recommended products.

benefits of willcam+

1) Management of Customers

Registration a new costumer and add customer’s data.

Manage to save date both customer’s based on results of before and after and restored data.

2) Comparison among verified samples

It is possible to compare the sample image with the customer’s skin image.

You can check the condition of customer’s skin.

Each sample image was saved based on data from famous brand A company.

3) 3D imagery

Pores and wrinkles analysis can also be viewed in 3D.

4) Suggestion of recommended products

The analysis of each category and the overall result are presented.

In the diagnostic results, red indicates that you have skin problem and recommended products will be presented to solve the problem.

5) WIFI and wireless diagnostic device

WILL CAM’s diagnostic system use WIFI to transmit real-time images to the operating device.

There is no complicated line in the handset and it is easy to shoot any part of your face.

Built-in battery allows you to use it after charging. (Handset weight: 150g)

6) Operating handset can be used like a general computer

Operating handset can be used like a general computer *keyboard and mouse not included*

7) Possibility to send diagnosis result

You can share images and diagnostic results via Bluetooth, KakaoTalk, e-mail, etc.

8) Various languages can be set

Various languages such as Korean, Chinese, English, French, and Italian are available to attract customers in the world



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