diasono 310


Equipment advantages


  • Beyond the effect of LD* with core function of DIACELL peel which only belongs to DIASONO 310.
  • Physical peeling combined with tornado tip + medical scaling with AHA and BHA. 3/10Mhz multi ultrasound treatment that brings synergy effects
  • The last step of programs – EP can penetrate large
    amount of exclusive solutions, maximizing the effect and customer satisfaction
  • Various programs that can be applied to different skin
    types –> convenient use
  • 8 programs + 4 user custom mode = total 12 programs


  • The key to ultrasound technology is to find the ideal resonant frequency and impedance values.
  • When the values are incorrect, the handpiece’s temperature is increased
  • Apply ultrasound by milliseconds(1/1000second) with
    ON/OFF time settings, ensuring safety
  • Apply the maximum standard of 3W of skin treatment, ensuring stable heat
  • Diasono 310 has stable resonance frequency and  impedance values, ensuring the safety of handpiece, which does not overheat

DIASONO 310 Synergy Effect 

SONO 310

The Effect of Ultrasound on the Skin

– Friction effect that generates heat (friction)

– In the liquid medium, the particles produce a vibration effect (oscillation)

– Diffusion effect through cell membrane (diffusion)

– Massage effect between cells (intracellular massage)

– Reversible viscous effect of material exchange inside and outside the cell

– Penetration effect of specific solution (phonophoresis)


The Effect of Peeling on the Skin

– Effectively remove dead keratinocytes, promote regeneration and penetration of the solution

– Rearrange cells to make the dermis healthy, effectively alleviate fine lines and reduce pores

– When the keratins fall off, the melanin will fall off together with a whitening effect


The Synergy Effect of Ultrasound + Peeling

– Conduct high-quality ultrasound without affecting the stratum corneum and sebum

– Use ultrasound to activate the extracellular matrix (MMPs, HSPs, GAGs) and optimize adjustments

– Makes the dermis healthier and effectively enhances skin elasticity

– Promote the permeability of the solution



Tornado Diamond Tip

Primary Material Peeling

– Exfoliating by fine diamond powder

Secondary Chemical Peeling

– Soften skin with AHA and BHA solutions that have exfoliated dead skin cells

Tornado Bar

– By creating a vortex, clean the dead skin cells and sebum

Impurities Outlet

– Discharge the dead skin cells by peeling into dust bottle

how it works


– Creates microflows around the cell walls

– Opens the cell walls with micro holes and helps basic substances enter the cell

– The substance in the cell mix with each other to induce chemical reactions

The 10MHZ ultrasonic frequency (1.8nm) range is smaller than the thickness of the cell wall (5nm).

The smallest particles can be affected by tiny vibrations, and it acts on ECM (extracellular material) and intercellular material at the same time, enhancing the interaction between cells and the spread of cells.


1. Utilize the pressure caused by the difference between two different frequencies of ultrasound to provide a dynamic massage effect for the skin (effectively promote the activity of cells and external substances)

2. One probe can alternately use two different frequencies of ultrasound (3/10MHz), so that the heat can reach the deeper layers of the skin

3.  Dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation

4.  Increased oxygen supply

5. 10MHz nano-cell massage can prevent the occurrence of excessive cross-link that causes the skin to lose elasticity, and at the same time promote the production of collagen



Product Size / Weight

275mm x 291mm 350mm (WxHxL) / 9Kg


100~240Vac, 50/60Hz, Power Consumption 800W max
Suction Pressure MAX 750mm Hg
Suction Level: 10 Level
Flow Level: 10 Level
E/P Level: 10 Level
LED: Blue LED / When in Motion LED ON
Ultrasound Frequency Selection: 3MHz, 10MHz, 3/10MHz
Level: 10 Level
Operation Time: Max 30min
Mode: 10 Program Mode / 2 User Mode
LED: BLUE LED / When in Motion LED ON


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